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Natural Growth Hormones

Natural Growth Hormones, Are they For You?

Natural growth hormones are manufactured by your pituitary gland, naturally. They cause you to grow and mature properly. They are at their peak during adolescence, when growth spurts are likely and children are coming to maturity. Then when you hit your 20's, they begin to decline. They are produced less and less as you age, and by the time you are 40, you produce only about 20% of the natural growth hormones you originally had.

Just because you are no longer growing doesn't mean you don't need them.

Your body may stop producing as much as it once had, but natural growth hormones still play a major role in your life. They are what determines how fast you will age, how much muscle mass you have, and how energetic you are. They have an important role in your libido (sexual desire), your sleep patterns, and how youthful you look.

There are a few different ways to increase production of your natural growth hormone. One such way is with diet. If you decrease your intake of simple carbohydrates, eat a low fat , high protein diet, and work out regularly, you can cause the natural growth hormone to increase a little. There are also supplements available. herbal HGH releasers, oral sprays, and injections are a few options.

The best of course would be all natural growth hormones. This is a supplement that is made of an herbal formula. Rather than replace the natural growth hormone, it encourages you body to produce more of its own. Growing older doesn't have to mean looking and feeling old.

With the added benefit of natural growth hormones increasing your youthfulness, you can look and feel young while getting older. For more information on natural growth hormones and how they may help you, visit