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HGH Body Building

Using HGH In Body Building

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is naturally produced by our pituitary gland. It is instrumental in normal growth during childhood, and it slows as we age. By the time we are approaching 30, production of this essential hormone has slowed considerably. This is significant to many people, among them body builders.

Body Builders need HGH.

With the natural production of HGH declining as we age, by the time most body builders begin, their production levels have slowed considerably. Without enough HGH being produced naturally, they need it replaced somehow to build their muscle mass, increase their energy levels, and maximize their performance.

Using HGH either as an injection, an oral spray, or a releaser (supplement) is a way to increase the HGH levels in their bodies. Oral sprays and injections are synthetic replacements for the HGH once naturally produced. A releaser is an herbal supplement that helps to stimulate your body to produce natural HGH. Synthetic HGH may have more side effects than herbal supplements would, but both options have the ability to increase muscle mass, lessen body fat, renew energy levels, and help with overall performance.

HGH is not for people who are still growing.

It is important that if someone uses HGH, whether it is in the form of an injection, oral spray, or an herbal releaser, that they are done growing. It is recommended that people under 20 not use HGH, except under the care of a physician. It is also important that when using HGH, a doctor be consulted as to how much is enough and that the recommended dosage be followed.

Optimized performance, muscle growth and more energy are just some of the results that may be achieved by body builders using HGH.

Body Builders can benefit in many ways by taking HGH. For more information, visit