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Herbal HGH Pills

Getting Herbal HGH Pills

When you decide to add human growth hormone to your diet - whether it be to improve your strength and muscles, reduce many of the signs of aging or simply gain back some of that lost energy in life - the type of supplement you choose to take have a great deal to do with how likely you are to stick to it. There are:

  • Herbal HGH Pills
  • Sprays
  • Creams
  • Food Supplements

And all of those are different to different people in terms of how easily one feels they can take them regularly.

Herbal HGH Pills

Herbal HGH pills are the most common and most well known type of supplement. They are swallowed, an hour or so passes for your body to process it, and they go to work. There are several benefits of these herbal HGH pills, but there are also downsides - for example, these pills are somewhat difficult to remember to use. Also, some of their ingredients (especially the proteins) can be burned up by the acids in your stomach and have less effect. Finally, not everyone likes swallowing things whole, and herbal HGH pills are no different.


Oral sprays seem to be better than herbal HGH pills because they are more portable and do not feel as bad when you put them in your mouth. Simply squirt a little bit and you're home free. No one needs to swallow anything, they are easy to remember, and they do not inconvenience anyone unless you do not have a pocket, which affects all of the available supplement options.

Creams and Food Supplements

Both of these are preferable to herbal HGH pills for some because they are pretty simple. Creams you put on your chest or the back of your neck. Food supplements you put in your food. But both of these are far less portable and can be much more inconvenient, either because you have to ruin your food with these foul tasting food supplements or because the cream that goes on your back and neck has to stay there until it dissolves even if you have somewhere else to go.

It seems as though oral sprays are more preferable to herbal HGH pills and herbal creams and food supplements. If you wish to try one out for yourself, you can visit the website one of the best available in a product known as Sytropin - an oral HGH booster that is inexpensive and incredibly effective.